Example Of 'Faulty In The Movie Fallacy'

Satisfactory Essays
Part 3: Fallacy 1 Faulty cause Mariah broke a mirror a week ago and that brings 10 year of bad luck, that’s why suddenly she had that big car accident This is an example of faulty cause because we shouldn’t assume that because one thing follows another is cause by the other. She could have that car accident because her driving skill was poor. Fallacy 2: Hasty generalization: All movie stars are rude because I asked Dwayne Johnson for an autograph the other night at Azul in Miami Beach and he told me to get lost. This is a hasty generalization example because that one movie star is rude to you that don’t mean all of them are the same. Fallacy 3: Appeal to tradition: We have to eat pumpkin pie only in thanksgiving because my dad always does
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