Example Of Indigenous Modernism

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Indigenous communities are often times misrepresented and tainted with images of savagery, crime, and poverty.What most do not know, however, is that Native Americans are innovative with art and expression that is boundless, unique and incorporates different representational styles. From woven textiles, to Hip Hop, to primitive art, to all of these artistic elements serve to break the enigmas of the Indigenous peoples; their art shows how they are still here, and are capable of being creative, expressive, and successful. Though Indigenous modernity is unique, it is very diverse and different to the art of modern urban society, so it still continues to be unheard of and misunderstood. The newer generation of Native Americans can express Indigenous modernity, as a result of social change, through their respective art styles in order to break social disparities of their culture, and to ultimately illustrate and teach people the beauty and diversity of the Native way of life. Indigenous modernity is a concept that calls for an embracement and acceptance of the new, while acknowledging that things are now different than the past. (Mays 1). Indigenous art and expression, as seen in recent times, are perfect examples of Indigenous modernity.
As mentioned in Kyle Mays’ article, “Embracement of indigenous modernity requires a different relationship to the past, one that does not seek to go backwards but instead attempts to bring the past forward” (Mays 2). Native American art allows

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