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I chose the autobiography topic because the method of reflecting upon my personal thoughts and experiences is more relatable and easier to understand for readers. In addition, when applying the labeling theory into a person, choosing why he or she became a criminal or not; it reinforces the demonstration of the psychological consequences and effects of labeling people. Not becoming a criminal is as important as avoiding suspicion; and the labels that society gives, destroys offenders psychologically and emotionally more than the legal punishment. The human’s basic nature is to label people whether consciously or sometimes unconsciously, based on one simple negative or positive trait; but the complexity of people lies in more than one trait.…show more content…
Parents who label their children as troublemakers promote deviance amplification. Labeling alienates parents from their children, and negative labels reduce children's self-image and increase delinquency. As they mature, children are in danger of receiving repeated, intensive, official labeling, which has been shown to produce self-labeling and damage identities. Youngsters labeled as troublemakers in school are the most likely to drop out; dropping out has been linked to delinquent behaviour (Seigal et al, 96-97).
The young person may come to see him/herself as delinquent. The young person begins to act even more delinquent and the community reacts reinforcing that identity even more (Becker, Howard S. Outsiders: Studies in the Sociology of Deviance. New York: Free Press, 1963,
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This example proves that labeling is prevention of becoming law-abiding citizens; because of its impact on the perception of employers on offenders who served time. That causes them to commit crimes because people who served their time are looked at and treated differently, and employers would be afraid of hiring such people, and society as well would stay away from them so they rebel against society, because they are unfortunately left with no other choice. Rebelling against the society could either be caused by the survival instinct; or could be caused by the desire to avenge the way society treated them and isolated them because of a mistake that they overcame. Eventually, these people get to end up doing illegal stuff that does not require to get hired like stealing or drug dealing or joining gangs; which is even more of a failure to the society itself regardless of whether they are labelled or not.
When labeling convicts of crimes that are harmless to other people or acts of self-defence; it unjustly punishes them socially with the same effect of punishing convicts of major crimes that are acts of pleasure and lust. Crimes that are harmless to people should get lighter sentence, and crimes that are harmful to people should get a severe punishment, because it is not fair to get the same
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