Example Of Permissive Parenting Paper

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Jeff and Barbara made an appointment to discuss their concerns regarding their 12-year-old son Billy. During our meeting I learn that Jeff and Barbara have been divorced for 10 years and share 50/50 custody. They report that Billy is acting disrespectfully by talking back and is resistant to performing simple tasks that are asked of him. They also have started receiving reports from his teachers that he has not been turning in homework assignments. Jeff and Barbara share pertinent information about their views of discipline and I ascertain that they are highly responsive to Billy but are low on demandingness, a characteristic of a permissive parenting style (Broderick and Blewitt, 2010). Both parents agree that they find it difficult to say …show more content…

I then proceed to explain the permissive parenting style. To evaluate understanding, I ask each parent if they can come up with an example of how they may be engaging in this style of parenting. I explain the benefits and negative effects of permissive parenting, pointing out that Billy’s behavior is consistent with children raised in permissive households. I explain the concept of self-regulating, defined as a set of acquired, intentional skills involved in controlling, directing, and planning one’s cognition, emotions, and behaviors (Schunk and Zimmerman, 1997). I guide Jeff and Barbara to make the connection that Billy’s lack of self-regulation is contributing to his bad …show more content…

I explain that a parenting style that is high in responsiveness and high in demand creates a secure environment that can promote autonomy, support assertiveness and individuality (Broderick and Blewitt, 2010). Both Jeff and Barbara need to understand that their primary role as responsible parents, according to Broderick and Blewitt (2010), is to create an environment where mature behavior is the expectation and clear standards of behavior are enforced. I then give examples of authoritative parenting techniques such as a clear establishment of rules, consequences for breaking rules, rewarding good behavior with privileges and most importantly following through on limits. A collaborative approach to constructing rules and consequences is suggested. Likewise, a commitment to uphold the same standards in both households will maintain consistency and present the parents as a unified force. I reassure that the discomfort they may experience when assuming a stricter parenting style is normal and that additional parent management training could provide encouragement and support while they make the transition from permissive to authoritative parenting

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