Example Of Sacrifice In History

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Written across the pages of history lies the significant impact of individuals sacrificing their lives in order to support a cause they cherish. With continual repetition of sacrifice throughout history, it has ushered in a new era in which humanity backs the ideals of self sacrifice for a cause. One of the journalist, Adnan Khan a journalist for the Canadian news source Maclean's, has dedicated the majority of his time to scribing articles about the going ons in the Middle East and the impact people giving up their lives for a cause, impacts the region. Khan specifically mentions the ideology behind the ideals, such as the belief of volunteer Canadian soldier John Gallagher, when he claimed, “At the time, while on the front lines in Hanneken…show more content…
All cultures have formed some of their central beliefs off the ideals of sacrifice. The idea of sacrifice is relevant in both everyday existence and life and death situations. Society has created this social norm in order to forges situations where changes appears suddenly and appears drastic. Many journalist and editors have realised this gradual shift in society and realize the multitude of lives that could be saved with the death of one individual. Sally Satel, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a practicing psychiatrist, is the editor of “When Altruism Is Not Enough: The Case for Compensating Kidney Donors”, realizes the implications of how organ donation could save lives. Specifically she describes how most people think killing people is the only way to save somebody else’s life, however with the considerable amount of individuals dying each day, who would be able save millions of lives with their organs (Satel). The implications of saving those who are sick with those who have died, makes their lives not in vain and brings a greater value to each life
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