Example Of Virtuoso Personality

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“There are so many different walks of life, so many different personalities in the world. And no longer do you have to be a chameleon and try and adapt to that environment - you can truly be yourself” (Hope Solo). Knowing your personality and knowing about other types of personalities you may encounter in life is imperative. “16 Personalities” is a test designed to tell you about yourself in many different ways from how you deal with challenges to how you will be as a parent. In taking this test, I received the “Virtuoso” personality which is a combination of ISTP-A; Introverted, Observant, Thinking, Prospecting and Assertive. The biggest thing that makes a virtuoso a virtuoso is that they have to explore the world around them. Virtuosos are extremely curious and need to learn about the tangible world around them. I definitely agree with this. I feel like I have to know how the things around me work and I enjoy taking things apart and building things myself. The article after the test does talk about this and more. Just like every human on the earth, the Virtuoso has strengths and weaknesses, almost all of which I identify with. As far as optimism and energy go, I identify with that very well. I enjoy working on projects I am passionate about and I do “go with the flow”. I do also believe that I am flexible. I can change and adapt my thinking to fit a situation and find solutions even in times of crisis. I am also very relaxed and easy going. As far as weaknesses go, I

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