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Example Questions Essentials of Organizational Behavior.
Ch.1 The underlying principle of scientific management was to:
A) structure organizations for the efficient management of people.
B) apply statistical analysis to the design of jobs
C) get people to do more work in less time.
D) eliminate the need for first-line supervisors
Ch.1 The human relations movement
A. emphasized the importance of employee training and development.
B. encouraged employee participation in organizational decision making.
C. rejected the primary economic orientation of scientific management.
D. concentrated on redesigning the workplace to eliminate safety hazards.
Ch.2 The culture of the organization, the behavior of the leaders, and group norms
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Today 's business environment throws managers and their teams into a constant state of flux. The ques tion is no longer "Should we change?" but "How will we deal with change?" In many attempts to change organizations, such efforts are usually met with “resistance to change”.

a) Explain the meaning of “resistance to change”?

b) Explain why “resistance to change” often occurs in organizations?

c) What can managers do in order to overcome the “resistance to change”? Mention at least three different ways.
Individuals resist change because the change may threaten their economic security, they fear the unknown, the change threatens their social relationships, they are comfortable in the current way of doing things, and they fail to recognize the need for change.

Organizations resist change due to structural inertia, work group inertia, threats to the existing balance of power, and experience with previously unsuccessful change efforts.

Resistance to change may be overcome by (1) shaping political dynamics,
(2) by educating the workforce, and by (3) selling the change. All these require good communication skills.
In addition the organization should involve the employees in the change effort, reward constructive behaviors, stress the urgency of change, create relentless discomfort with the status quo, and create a learning organization.

Example Questions Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
Which of the following terms
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