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-The American rule in the Philippines lasted from 1898 to 1946.
July 4,1901- the Civil Government was established, replacing the Military Government.
July 1,1902- the United States Congress passed the Philippine Bill and established the Philippine Assembly.
-The provisions of the Philippine Bill of 1902 were:
1. extension of the Bill of Rights to the Filipino people, except the right of trial by jury.
2. appointment of two Filipino resident commissioners to Washington.
3. establishment of an elective Philippine Assembly, after the proclamation of complete peace, and after the publication of census
4. retention of the Philippine Commission as the upper house of the legislature, with the
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2.To prepare and approve the budget before the Governor-General submitted it to the Legislature.
3.And to determine the policies f the various executive departments.

NATIONAL CIVIL SERVICE September 19, 1900- the Philippine Commission enacted the Civil Service act (N0.5). Civil Service Law- required all prospective government employees to submit a competitive examination that would give them eligibility. Spoil System- as envisioned by the Civil Service Act, should be free from the intervention of the Church and the intervention of politics.

THE HARRISON ADMINISTRATION Francis Burton Harrison succeeded William Cameron Forbes and paved the way for the rapid Filipinization of the civil service.
-Harrison’s first administrative reform was to make the Filipinos the majority in the Philippine Commission.
-he affected Filipinization by reducing the number of highly paid officials, most of whom were Americans. The enactment of the Civil Retirement Act No. 2589 in February 1916, further accelerated Fillipinization.
-in the affairs of the Council of States, Harrison “endeavored to give to the Filipino executives all possible opportunity to exercise their own discretion, and even forced upon them responsibilities of decisions and action as frequently as possible.”
-While Harrison admitted that Filipinization had impaired, to a

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