Examples Of A Gang Monologue

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Hello, I hope you are doing well, Thao. I am writing you this letter to make you aware that I will confront the gang that has been bothering you and your family. I also want to apologize for not allowing you to accompany me while I confront them. I need you to stay with your family and look after them while I deal with this task.

I know you are upset about your house being destroyed and your sister being raped. However, I promise my confrontation with the group will solve your gang problem forever. I am aware approaching the gang is a suicide mission, but I cannot have another individual's blood on my hands. As you know, I am not admired by my family as they cannot stand the sight of me, and I do not have many friends either. I have never been close to my son’s or their families, and that has always annoyed me. Also, I told no one this, but I am dying from an illness, and I cannot afford the treatment nor can I ask my son's for the money. By provoking the gang to shoot me, it will not only solve my problem because I have no reason to live, but it will also solve yours. I told Father Janovich that I will take care of the gang, and since I cannot kill all of them, I will let them shoot me.
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However, I will deal with the group now, and I hope they get placed behind bars. Now, I wish for you, and your family to be at
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