Examples Of Alienation In Ponthan Mada

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In the film, Ormakalundayirikkanam, there is a scene which portrays the real life situation of a Theyyam performer, moving away from the upper class people, he achieves an elated divine and powerful status while performing the rituals. This contradiction where he is considered as a demi-god while performing and an outcaste in the society in other times, brings the real life situation of the low caste in a feudal set up. In the same film, the director also represents the political reality of Kerala Liberation Struggle of 1959 through the contradicting views of the Communist party and Congress party. The parties’ perspectives on the ‘Education Bill’, ‘Agrarian Relation Bill’, and other associated human rights violations along and their adverse…show more content…
The scene which shows the cart wheel and the water wheel moving in different directions signify the contradictions in the world of feudal class and working class. In the same film, director has also used the same technique to present the persona of the character Resmi, who is also a victim of alienation. In Alicinte Aneshanam, the director uses these approaches to makes the protagonist understand the real nature of her husband, and the perceived difference when looked from a familial perspective and non familial perspectives, leads her to self realization. Through these binary oppositions, TV Chandran persuades the women folk to come out of the family confinement to understand the reality, and to overcome the alienation they are facing the society. In Mangamma, through the opposites, TV Chandran portray the differences between idealism and the social reality, and women’s’ struggle to exists in that contradicting situation. The scene of the beggar singing Subrahmaniya Bharathiar’s poem in the day, and trying to molest her in the night depicts the hypocrisy in the persona of males in a male chauvinistic society. The scene 82B, depicts Mangamma’s perceptions of a real male through the comparison of characters Velayudhan and

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