Examples Of Altruism In The Movie 'The Hobbit'

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Does Altruism Exist?

In many movies and shows there are an abundant acts of selfless altruism. Altruism is a selfless act that someone does without asking for anything in return. An example of altruism in a movie is “The Hobbit”. In this movie, the hero helps someone in need without expecting anything in return. In a movie like the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, who is the main character, journeys with the dwarf king to help his kingdom in need. Knowing he could be brutally killed in a face of a battle or by the dragon. His act of selfless altruism even saves someone life. Altruism exist and movie like this is simply reflect the alterium we practice in real world.

The philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, believes that people do good things because it makes them feel good not because they are trying to do a good deed for something in return. Hobbes might say that Bilbo Baggins only helps others because he would have felt bad if he did not. Therefore, Hobbes would say that altruism does not exist in this movie. Another philosopher, Joseph Butler, disagree with Hobbes. He believes that humans do good deeds because they have an inner sense of benevolence. He might suggest that Bilbo Baggins's does have altruism. My view is that is that Bilbo Baggins show a behavior of altruism not because he just simply felt good after doing it. He did it because it is a good thing to do.

According to Samir Okasha, a biologist from Stanford, altruism comes from our human biology. Altruism also exists all around us and in many species. Individuals can gain so much from the act of altruism. Okaska suggest that people do carry a gene to be altruism it exist within us all. Within human beings we have a biological need to survive. The reason altruism exist is so we all can have a chance of survival. Selfishness exist in order to increase the chance of an individual to survive. According to Scott, Selfishness does not do well at the between group level, because it harms the group’s chances of survival. This is why we have organized groups who tend have the authority to punishment mechanisms—like prisons or exile—to prevent freeloading or other selfish behavior” (Suttie). My view is that people

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