Examples Of Blindness In Oedipus Rex

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In the story Oedipus Rex the main character Oedipus is internally blind. Meaning that he is clueless and unaware of his flaws and is just out for his own pleasure.The reason he is like this is because he is so caught up in avoiding his fate that he fails to realize he is living it. A result of him being internally blind is the fact that he does not recognize his character flaws. Since he does not recognize his character flaws he is unable to change them. Which caused him to be a static character.Therefore oedipus being blind ultimately led to him being a static character and to his downfall.
One of the character flaws that were a result of his blindness is that he is arrogant. This is shown when creon comes back from the oracle at delphi with information about how to get rid of all the bad luck. The oracles gave many clues hinting that it was oedipus. One of the clues being that Thebes is sheltering who ever killed the king. Even though it was kinda vague what the oracle said. If oedipus wouldn't have been so arrogant or sure that he was not the killer he would not of gone and prayed that the killer be punished and life consumed by evil. Which means that he wished for his own life to be consumed by evil. Him not being able to change the fact that he was arrogant was a result of him being blind because he could not recognize this. This leads to him being a static character. Being blind to his arrogance leads to his downfall because it caused him to wish bad things among the

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