Examples Of Bravery In Beowulf

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Anglo-Saxon period, from 5th century to 1066, became the “ancestor” of our modern literature. There is a big difference from then and now including our language and culture.

First is the difference between their language and the language now which is modern English. Anglo-Saxon language is the oldest known form of English language and is also called as Old English. Even though it is referred as old English, their language is far different from modern English and is closer to modern German. The distinction can be seen, for example, on the old English word haftling, to the modern English word prisoner. The similarities to modern German can be seen from the old English haftling, not changing and still being haftling now. Their rich language was …show more content…

In terms of values, their point of view can be a bad view for us. Beowulf provided us information about the expected values before. A person can be heroic if he shows bravery. A brave man that can conquer and defeat the enemies without feeling scared. Bravery is still evident now but only with some people and the definition of bravery changed from the man who will conquer all to the man that will do the right things. On Beowulf, if you fought a monster naked and head-on, and even won, you are brave. Nowadays, being brave can be seen in any manner not just by fighting others. Honor is of great importance and every man should dream of glory and victory. They are also expected to be loyal to their leader or to someone of importance to them. In Beowulf, for example, the dragon, being loyal, kept the treasure and gave his life for it even though the real owners already died. Now, being loyal is a rare thing to be seen. This is …show more content…

They have their rights equally distributed after marriage. A woman stays at home, give birth, do houseworks or field works, or sometimes supervise the houseworks. But looking back, men actually look higher than women. Men also do fieldworks, fight enemies and lead a group. Now, rights of women are being fought upon every place in the world. Feminists say that there should be equal rights for men and women because everything a man can do, can also be done by a woman. Before, the women were more of a houseperson but now, we can see that a lot of women became anything a man can be. There are many women who work on a job that was just for men before. Soon enough, there will be a war on feminists and

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