Examples Of Cartesian Dualism

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Father of Modern thought and mental symbol of how many western thinkers today process the world they live in, Rene Descartes, developed a dualistic way of thought that steals the attention away from other modes of further developed thought now held in Post-Modernistic and even contemporary types of viewing reality. His theory of Cartesian dualism of thought brings about two distinct realities people, supposedly to Descartes, inhabit throughout their daily lives. These include the existence of a Res Cogitans, the domain of thinking things, and a Res Extensa, the domain of matter or exterior world. This split creates causal paradigms in cultures that begin to pick one domain over the other wherein hopefully this paper will inspect the shift in…show more content…
What goes through the head of our Modernistic Cartesian thinker as they look through the automatic sliding door windows? First, they might sight out the bargain of the day on chips and Bud light, knowing these things to be ‘good’, then throwing them into the cart without much hesitation. Walking through the aisles this individual might be consumed by the newest blenders stocked on endcaps and discount candy forthright in baskets appearing in their vision, unknowingly becoming convinced to purchase items because of their juxtaposed position in the store. Walmart Executives know how the mind of the average American shopper works so with the careful placement of goods in a well-lit area, stacked in a pyramid formation, the super-chain can get them to buy just about anything. This high level of manipulation can be tied back to how ‘modern’ thinkers process the present reality. Cartesian dualism makes it difficult to grasp onto the bigger picture because there in fact becomes two to grapple with. People who have not been taught about thought fall into traps set by those who know how to manipulate a skewed…show more content…
The immediate intake of information solidifies much of Descartes’ idea of Res Cogitans and Res Extensa. The phone itself acting as a tool of thought transport, where little to no effort is required in receiving information, play the part of Res Extensa. The kinds of information most readily processed from phones such as twitter, Facebook, snapchat, email, and other quick forms of staying up to date act as the Res Extensa. The act of one looking down at a screen, unaware of the current world around them minus the phone itself and notifications popping up on screen will act as consistent representationalism. Thinking that the reality created in the mind, when staring at the phone, is ultimately and equally relevant to the world happening around them represents interactionalism occurring. With phones being a cornerstone symbol for how successful materialism has become, it would make sense that other frames of mind such as modernistic thinking patterns have also seeped their way into current society as to influence culture as
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