Examples Of Character Development In The Hobbit

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Throughout life or a story people and characters change over time. Not always is the change for the good, but there is hope that it usually is. In books the hero will usually evolve to be an even greater character than they were in the beginning of the story. They may grow courage or bravery, or even find themselves as a person. In The Hobbit, written by J.R.R. Tolkien, the main character and hero, Bilbo Baggins changes a great deal over the time of the adventure he embarked on. In the beginning, as Bilbo is called to the adventure he is very cowardly. Some of it is of course by nature because he is a hobbit after all. Hobbits are meant to live peacefully in their little hobbit holes and stick to what they know, definitely not go out on …show more content…

Bilbo was able to believe in his ability and outsmart Gollum, saving himself and in the end all the others. As far as he has come from the beginning of this story he still had farther to change for the better. Bilbo starts to fully develop during and after he meets the conformation of Smaug, the dragon. When he take initiative of the group and the situation, going into the fortress and confronting Smaug. Once Smaug is dead however Bilbo is left with a problem. Thorin, the leader of the expedition wanted more than anything the Arkenstone, which Bilbo had earlier found buried in the treasure. Even though Thorin was part of the expedition Bilbo chose to go against him to better things in the long run. Thorin was threatening to fight the Lakemen and Bilbo knew the only thing Thorin would do anything for would be the Arkenstone. So, in acts to save many lives he handed the Arkenstone over to the Lakenmen. This is extremely important because Bilbo turned away from what would be easy, giving the Arkenstone to his companion, but instead did what he thought was best for everyone. He trusted himself to make the right decision, no longer being timid or doubtful of his actions. Although Bilbo started out being a somewhat shy, cowardly hobbit living a straightforward, uncomplicated life, following the unspoken rules of what hobbits were supposed to do, he evolved to be self-assured and brave.

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