Examples Of Classroom Observation

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I conducted my observation on November 3, 2017. I observed a fourth-grade language arts class taught by Robin Smith. Mrs. Smith exudes a love of reading and knowledge from the very moment you meet her. Mrs. Smith’s classroom is a warm, accessible, print rich environment complete with anchor charts, a word wall, and alphabet chart. Mrs. Smith and her classroom environment inspire each one of her students to find a passion for reading and learning. Mrs. Smith demonstrates an understanding of the social-emotional environment, and its importance to the success of a child’s learning experience. Although the social-emotional environment is much harder to grasp and see it is just as important as the physical environment. Mrs. Smith’s approach for classroom management demonstrates how a positive social-emotional environment can lead to an effectively well managed classroom.
At the start of each day, Mrs. Smith enthusiastically greets her students, and the class begins their morning routine. Each student starts with reading their library book for a few minutes. After all the students and Mrs. Smith has settled in the classroom they go over news of the day, and they read the word wall. This process is a daily routine for the students, and it gets each student focused, and ready to learn. The students in Mrs. Smith class rotate between three other teachers, so the morning routine is fast but effective. Mrs. Smith is always ready to take advantage of teachable moments, and be
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