Analyzing David's Involvement In My Classroom Observation

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My last set of observation hours were done at PJ Jacobs’s Jr. high grades 7-9, located in the Stevens Point school district. The teacher I observed at this school was David Hauser. Prior to this practicum experience I had no knowledge about David, or any knowledge about the Stevens Point school system. David seems to have a very strong background in team sports and athletics among the Jr. high school and high school levels. I feel David’s involvement in sports reflected strongly in the way he managed the classroom, supported student learning, incorporated different teaching styles, and ultimately lacked the ability to maintain students attention resulting in irrelevant play and poor classroom behavior from students. Immediately during my observations I noticed David using the whistle in order to manage his classes. This method of classroom management was effective, but very sport modeled in my eyes. In order to take attendance David had each of his classes start off by walking or jogging around the gymnasium, during this time David would check in with students and figure out students who were absent for the day. This strategy for classroom management created bad behavior and off task behavior for several students, I noticed quickly middle school students have a very hard time keeping their hands and feet to one another (Rink, 2016, p. 119-120). The last observation I made about David’s classroom management was the separation of boys and girls. During my first set of

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