Examples Of Conflict In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The Holocaust of 1933 to 1945 was a tragic period of time in history, killing more than 6 million Jewish people. One of its few survivors: Elie Wiesel, has written a book titled Night explaining his experiences as a prisoner of war. His novel is about young Elie Wiesel arriving in Auschwitz and beginning to labor under the Nazis’ unforgiving rule. Over the course of the book, Elie continually struggles with his relationship with God and feels conflict trying to decide between supporting his ever crippling father and his best chance at survival. Conclusively, because of his time in the concentration camps, Elie’s views of and relationship with God are challenged and his morals are changed. In the beginning of the novel, young Eliezer portrays traits of faithfulness and trust towards God. Day after day he would continually go deeper into his faith, trying to achieve a more rooted relationship. For example, Wiesel writes “Man asks and God replies. But we don't understand his replies. We cannot understand them” ( 5). In this passage, it is apparent that Eliezer has no doubts in his faith with the Lord and sees no reason for doubt or hesitation to appear in his relationship, even though he does not understand Him. Even when he is praying, his very soul feels compelled to seek and understand as much as he can about the Almighty. For instance, Wiesel states on page four “I had never asked myself that question. I cried because…because something inside of me felt the need to cry.
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