Examples Of Inhumanity In Night By Elie Wiesel

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The Holocaust, or a jewish sacrificial offering that is burned on an alter, largely refers to the massacre and slaughter of over 6 million european jews from 1933 to 1945. One of the largest genocides took place less than 100 years ago. A recently fresh event on the historical timeline, and yet there would be little known on exactly went on inside the camps without the testimonies of survivors. Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, produced the book “Night” as a way to cope with his time in the labor camps and to shed light on the reality of the inhumanity that engulfed numerous concentration camps across europe. After ten years of silence, the book was written by Wiesel to express his personal experiences inside the labor camps, as well as his testimony to horrifying and inhumane actions inflicted upon his beloved family and bunk mates. In “Night”, Elie Wiesel explores the evils in humanity by sharing his personal experiences and personal witness of inhumanity, and shares his own moral values of man. In the book “Night”, Wiesel describes his own private experiences with inhumanity during his time inside the camps, going into vivid detail the true nature of the SS men who guarded the camps, and the starving slaves who were worked till they fell over dead from starvation. A prime example of these personal incidents include the death march. While being evacuated from Buna, Elie and his bunkmates, or blockalteste, were marched through the snow. If the prisoners slowed their pace or fell behind the others there were killed. “ They had orders to shoot anyone who did not sustain the pace”, shows this inhumane dynamic perfectly and goes on to include that” if one of us stopped for a second, a quick shot eliminated the filthy dog” (Wiesel,85) Another example of Elie’s personal experiences on inhumanity includes him being forced to have his gold crown removed. The passage states” the dentist from Warsaw pulled my crown with the help of a rusty spoon.” (Wiesel, 56) This infers that Elie was forced to have his crown removed. It was not by choice, rather it was a way to profit off the prisoners by selling their gold teeth. However, one of the most severe personal experiences Elie had to endure was when he was beaten as
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