Examples Of Consumerism In The Invisible Man

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Although the Invisible Man talks a lot about racial issues and the struggles of the black community, to me the Death of a Salesman defies the concept of racial determinism more effectively. The Invisible Man in a way reinforces the concept of racial determinism through the novel. The idea that the protagonist has to accept certain stereotypes just because of what his grandfather told him “agree ’em to death” (432), portrays the idea that instead of fighting against these injustices they have to learn to live with them. Is until the epilogue that there is a confrontation against prejudice in general. Nevertheless, In the Death of a Salesman racial determinism is defied from the very beginning when a white man founds himself struggling to reach …show more content…

Nowadays, consumerism is not only a social and economic order in our society, now it has become a religion. Consumers are indoctrinated into believing that they need these technological gadgets to have a better life or to be happy. The translation of the binary code says “My computer is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it, as I must master my life. Without me, my computer is useless. Without my computer, I am useless.” This fragment exemplifies perfectly the dependence of the consumers towards their products. These gadgets or computers become such an important part in their lives that they are tricked into believing that without them they can’t live anymore. However, needing the product is not enough. These corporations deliberately make their products faulty with the purpose of releasing a better one next, forcing the consumer to buy the one that follows. This is why consumers follow the new releases of technological gadgets almost religiously. Iphones for example, are released almost every year, and consumers wait patiently to buy the new model as soon as possible. If you are not up to the new technological gadgets then you are not modern, and you won’t be able to do what others do. And so the consumer keeps buying more and more products without realizing …show more content…

When you install Microsoft in your computer every user has to read the contract and check a box accepting the terms of license. Nevertheless, not many people bother to read it. This license restrains the things you can do with your system and the programs that are compatible with it. The translation is Microserfs states “I must use my computer true.” This means that the user has to use their computers while following the rules already imposed by these corporations. It can also mean that this corporations not only control the things you do with their devices, but own the information they gather about you as well. However, the consumer is not the only one forced to follow the rules. The employees of this companies receive a poor treatment from their employers. In the novel Microserfts, some of the characters become depressed because of the slavery like system that dehumanize the employees. Nevertheless, these corporation disguise their oppressive rulings as laws in order to maintain the status quo and allow that those who are in power to remain in

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