Examples Of Cultural Differences In Intercultural Communication

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Cultural differences play an important role in intercultural communication. The statement that effective business depends on knowledge of mentality is broadly discussed not only by sociologists but also by economists and international companies’ managers. Corporate culture became a term widely used to describe the way of particular company employees’ behavior at a workplace. Also, this term is used by human resources managers to name a set of behavior rules, which they hope to introduce to the companies. Promoting a corporate culture is an effective way to create a strong organization. It can be done through enhancing the sense of community within the company. And a sense of community is a sense of shared identity. Therefore, the question of national identity needs a thorough analysis as it is a key issue to gain success in a globalized world.

Cultural Dimensions Theory Review.
The following example of cultural differences analysis is based on the cultural dimensions theory, developed by Geert Hofstede. Applying this theory to two countries-The USA and Bolivia, we can see major differences in national culture models. They may be subdivided into six basic issues, which are called dimensions of culture and used to identify the way of social organization. The first dimension to consider is what Hofstede described as Power Distance (PD). This is the extent, to which the less powerful members of society accept and expect the power unequal distribution

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