Examples Of Disrespect For America

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Disrespect For America All great nations have issues; some of America’s problems have to do with racism and controversy. It is not acceptable to disrespect America, its flag, or its people. Firstly, a lot of people are talking about African American and Caucasian NFL players, or entire teams, kneeling or not even coming out onto the field during the national anthem. Former NFL player Colin Kaepernick first started the protest in 2016. He used to sit during the anthem. In “The #TakeAKnee protests have always been about race. Period.” post made on the CNN website, the author, AJ Willingham wrote, “…their jerseys used as doormats and bonfire fodder. They were called unpatriotic, ungrateful, and disrespectful of the flag, military, and country.” In this post, the author seemed to be against Donald Trump’s speech he made not too much long after. …show more content…

On the Fox News Insider website, in “Texas Teens Thrown Off High School Football Team After Kneeling For Anthem” the author wrote, “Two Texas teens were thrown off their high school football team after they knelt in protest for the national anthem.” Those two teenagers were told to get off the field and take off their football attire after the pledge commenced. Their coach, Ronnie Mitchem, is a veteran and a pastor. He said, “As a veteran, I have a strong view of what I feel is disrespectful.” Every day, soldiers fight for America. They risk their lives only to be shown that our country isn’t thankful for their service. The United States is the home of the free because of the brave soldiers that fought for America. The protest that was started in 2016 has grown tiresome and is unacceptable. It is inappropriate for men that most likely have not fought in war to sit during the pledge of allegiance. Even if they had fought in some war, those NFL players should never kneel or sit during the anthem. They are a disgrace to our

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