Examples Of Ethical Issues In Nursing

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Ethical and Legal Ethical problem solving and decision making is an arduous process for any nurse or health care worker. As Marquis and Huston, (2015) point out, that ethical decision making takes thinking skills and risk taking abilities to address and solve ethical problems. An ethical dilemma occurred during my charge in the NICU many years ago. A twenty-two week baby was born breathing and crying, it was decided by the team of neonatologists and the parents that no heroic efforts would be made to keep this baby alive. At the time the neonatal resuscitation guidelines for saving a baby were twenty-four weeks. Meanwhile, the baby came to the unit and placed in an isolette while the parents visited and held the baby. After numerous hour of life one of the doctors decided to place the baby on a nasal cannula and place lines in the baby for comfort care, however, no…show more content…
A line for pain management is acceptable, of course. If I had of been the parents, after two days of the baby living, I would have asked for extreme measure knowing what I know. The baby was African American; they have the best pre-term survival rates of all premature babies. After looking at the MORAL Decision-Making model, I can see that numerous steps were used during the above situation. Collecting information and deciding who should be involved to confront the situation was done when the ethical committee and other staff got together for a meeting about the baby. An alternative palliative care option was provided for the baby while a plan of care was implemented for the remainder of the baby’s life. Whenever our unit has a baby that is close to death a committee of healthcare workers including the ethics team congregate to discuss the life and death of the
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