Examples Of Feminism In Jane Eyre

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Feminism in Jane Eyre’s struggling For Self-Realization
When Jane was young she lost her parents, and thanks to her uncle Jane could live a fine life, but unfortunately her uncle died after a few years. Mrs. Sarah Reed, her aunt, regarded Jane as a curse and her three children neglected and abused Jane. They despised Jane’s simple looks and quiet yet passionate character. The only relatives of Jane Eyre never showed any sympathy or care to this distressing little girl, instead they consistently criticized and bullied her. Unsympathetic and disparaging, Mrs. Reed always treated Jane Eyre as an impediment inferior to a maid. Finally one day, little Jane had a quarrel with her cousin and was beaten. Jane became ill as she was locked in a room for an entire night and at that time, her early feminism was generated.
Jane refuses to be treated as an inferior on the face of Mrs. Reed, and eventually speaks out against the prejudices to her with sharp and forbidding exposure. According to the tradition that the Victorian women were restricted to follow, Jane’s behavior was the total opposite for the role of women. In fact, many people of that period suggested that Jane should be greatly thankful to her aunt instead of being rude. When Jane
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She would never give up her independence and self-respect. So she chose to leave her beloved one and wanted to start a new life knowing that it would kill her to leave Rochester behind. In the end, Jane returns and marries Rochester. Mr. Rochester lost the sight of both eyes and was now disabled due to fire in the house. But in this circumstance, Jane Eyre comes back to Mr. Rochester caring for nothing but only him. She does not think that she is making a sacrifice. In most people’s eyes, nobody would like to marry a man who loses his sight and most of his wealth. But Jane is different. In her mind, pure love is the meeting of hearts and minds of two
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