Examples Of Government Authority And Control In V For Vendetta

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The film 'V for Vendetta' directed by James McTeigue addresses the idea of governmental authority and control in our society. One key scene where this is portrayed is in the opening, where Evey goes out to visit Gordon Deitrich after curfew. The futuristic landscape of a totalitarian England is displayed here, where the oppressive party in power have created a culture of fear to ensure the conformity of the citizens. However, in contrast, the final scene of the film where a crowd converges to watch Parliament blow up, illustrates a further idea. That when united, it is the people who have the power to change their society, through rebellion and political uprising. McTeigue deals with the idea of how a government can have complete control over its citizens. The political party in the film maintains their power by establishing a society that completely revolves around fear. This is created through the strict rules and constant surveillance of the public. As Evey leaves her house and steps out onto the street, we immediately see the dark and dirty alleyways surrounded by high walls. A speaker dominates the next high angle shot, which accentuates the total control that the government has over its population. These shots convey a prison-like atmosphere which evokes a feeling of intimidation. The speaker then announces that a "yellow-coded curfew" is in place. The pace of Evey's footsteps quickens as we understand the danger of not complying with the curfew. McTeigue is showing

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