Analysis Of ' V For Vendetta By Allan Moore And The Norsefire Government

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A society ruled by a single commander who possesses all of the power can be an intimidating deliberation. Political philosopher Thomas Hobbes’ had this sort of thought though- a supreme leader was the best way to create absolute sovereign and remove civil war within society. Hobbes believed that if citizens created a social contract, it would be the ideal way for citizens to live within peace and adhere to the law of nature. Within the graphic novel V for Vendetta written by Allan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, the aspect of their totalitarian government, The Norsefire reflects Hobbes’ ideology of the social contract. V for Vendetta encompasses Thomas Hobbes’ social contract theory, illuminating what could happen is society …show more content…

The law of nature essentially forbids humans from committing an act that would be reprehensible to his well being. This left humans to act in a way that was enforced by the a law. Hobbes analyzed both of these human natures and came to the conclusion that the ideal way for humans to exist within a peaceful environment would be be through the law of nature. In order for humans to live by the standards of the law of nature, humans must surrender their rights to a supreme leader (or small assembly)- this surrender is known as a social contract. Hobbes explained that people would would simple put their “Right[s] aside, either by simply renouncing it, or by transferring it to another” The social contract would involve all of the members of society to transfer their power to the all mighty leader. This all mighty leader would have complete control over the society, with no input from the members of societies.

To continue, V for Vendetta was Allan Moore 's response to what he witnessed as a corrupt government under the rein of the late Margaret Thatcher. V for Vendetta is a graphic novel that demonstrates what would happen if humans fully committed themselves to the social contract, the law of nature, as illustrated by Thomas Hobbes. V for Vendetta is set in a

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