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After reading the book ‘’I Am Malala’’ I noticed that she was one of the bravest strong young girls in the world. Malala Yousafzai is a young girl born on July 12, 1997, in the city, Mingora in Pakistan. She fought for something that is she is passionate about. Heroes are people who stand up for something, they are courageous, they are noble and they are loyal to something they stand for. Malala is known as the fifteen-year-old girl who got shot because she fought for women’s rights and education. This young girl named Malala is brave, persistent, and influential. One of the reasons why Malala is a hero because she shows courage and bravery through her actions. First of all, Malala kept going to her school even though death threats kept coming to her and to her family. This shows that Malala is brave because she did not care what the Taliban did she cared more about her education even though the Taliban kept threatening her. Secondly, when the Taliban began to attack the girl’s school, she gave a speech and the title of her …show more content…

In addition, Malala changed her name to Gul Makai while she was writing blog posts for the BBC. This shows that she is persistent because she did whatever it took to make the world aware what was happening around her. Also, Malala has started to post and blogging for the BBC news about being treated like a slave under the Taliban’s threat to oppose her education. This means, that although this can get her hurt or killed she still continued to fight for women’s rights and for her education. Lastly, after all the threats her family had received, she was frightened because the Taliban would go after her father and did not think they would actually harm a child. She then was shot in the head when she was on the school bus on the way home and survived. This explains that this was worth it because many people had heard her speech and did not give up at all for her

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