Examples Of Injustice In Animal Farm

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Poverty and injustice is often correlated to the government inefficiency in a country. In his novel Animal Farm, George Orwell discusses this idea, with an emphasis on an authoritarian form of government. Through his novel, Orwell coveys the negative effects of an authoritarian government on its people. Animal Farm effectively demonstrates to the reader the oppression and injustice in an authoritarian government. The novel is set in a farm, where the animals rebelled against the humans after their leader, Old Major, dies in order to gain back control in their lives. Two of the pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, succeeded the power. However, a short time after their succession of power, tension begins to build up between the two and at the end Snowball is exiled. Napoleon in contrast to Snowball rules with tyranny and fear and at the end his governance is just as bad as the humans’. Even though, the plot is based in a farm and…show more content…
However, the writing style allows the conflicts and political theories to be easily understood and thus prove the oppression of the authoritarian government on its people. This novel is considered by many to be a fable. The novel contains animal characters that aim at representing humans and foreshadowing their behavior and as in every fable Animal Farm has a moral. However, it contrast to fables the moral is a lot more complex. But Orwell´s writing style and his choice to write the novel using animal characters makes the central aspects of the moral understandable. The moral of the fable is that the abuse of power by a government has detrimental effects on its people. The animal characters and the simplicity of the writing add up to the power of the messages as it is able to expose a complex event as the Russian Revolution in a simple farm. Orwell’s style and character choice allows him to convey in an eloquent manner the oppression of the authoritarian
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