Examples Of John The Savage As A Hero

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Batman, Superman, Thor, and Spider-man are all examples of heroes. A hero is a person that exhibits the traits of courageousness, braveness, and selflessness. In the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, John the Savage is a hero. He is an outsider raised on a reservation. He comes into play later into the book that turns out to be the son of the director of the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. John becomes a hero throughout the book, but his life ends tragically. John the Savage is most noted as a hero in Brave New World because he does not blend into society, is an outside but turns it positive, and fights against the society’s standards. John has feelings unlike all the other people in the World State. Linda, his …show more content…

Not for all the controllers in the world. Is hall go away to-morrow too.’ The Savage shrugged his shoulders. ‘Anywhere. I don’t care. So long as I can be alone’” (243). John is being tested to see how he would fit in with the society. He makes it positive by showing the Controllers, Director, and his friends that the World State is controlling people and not letting them think for themselves. John pushes against the society’s standards. He is against taking soma, a drug that puts you are peace and goes against the social means. John takes the soma from workers at the hospital receiving their pay. “’Free, free!’ the Savage shouted, and with one hand continued to throw the soma into the area while, with the other, he punched the indistinguishable faces of his assailants. ‘Free!’ And suddenly there was Helmholtz at his side —‘Good old Helmholtz!’—also punching—‘Men at last!’—and in the interval also throwing the poison out by handfuls through the open window. ‘Yes, men! men!’ and there was no more poison left. He picked up the cash-box and showed them its black emptiness. ‘You're free’” (213). John hates people taking soma because it takes away their freedom, which keeps them from thinking and speaking freely. He continues to fight the system when he isolates himself at the lighthouse because he is so against the World State. He ends up not wanting to be in the world. He hangs himself to show everyone how messed up it is and prove himself to the world controllers. In

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