Examples Of Justifications For Parole

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Every jurisdiction in the United States has a paroling authority. The paroling authority is also known as a correctional agency that has statutory authority to grant parole, set conditions of parole, supervise parolees, revoke parole, and discharge from parole. Additionally, the parole board members accustomed to relying on experience and an intuition in parole rulings must now take computerized inmate risk assessments and personality tests into account. The two major models are parole boards and discretionary release.
There are four specific grounds for justifications to be considered for parole. One of the justifications is the reduction in the length of a sentence as a result of good behavior. For example, if an offender is sentenced to 10 years and with good behavior, that offender is likely to serve less than their original sentencing. The second justification is supervising the parolee originally as those released from the prison. The third ground for parole is the implementation of a release from the indeterminate sentence as a form of guardians that supervised parolees. The last justification for parole is the reducing the
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Alexander Maconochie implemented a reformatory system when he became a governor of Norfolk Island prison that faced severe brutality. Additionally, He immediately implemented policies in place to eliminate brutality and he achieved remarkable success in prison rehabilitation by reinstating dignity amongst the inmates. In 1842, George Michael Obermaier gained the inmates’ trust by removing chains once used to keep them in order. In 1854, Sir Walter Crofton implemented an Irish system very similar to the marks system Alexander Maconochie once practiced. Continuously, this system depended on daily points earned through good behavior that resulted in more freedom and increased privileges (Alarid,
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