Examples Of Love In The True Love : Trifle Or True

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Love: Trifle or True? Throughout history, many things have changed. Humans have completely altered the standards of living, and inventions such as electricity have even created separate realms of reality. However, one thing that has stood the test of time is love. Even from the start of time, humans have been seeking it, falling in and out of it, and creating art, stories, and plays about it. One play in particular is “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. In this play, Shakespeare articulates how love is either changing, unrequited, or true. William Shakespeare portrays how sometimes love changes as the circumstances change, which indicates that it could not be true love. Throughout the play, several characters change their minds about who they love. For example, when Oberon gives Titania the love potion, she immediately falls in love with Bottom, whom Robin turned into an ass. However, when Oberon gives her the antidote, she “wakes” and her eyes “loathe his visage now” (Shakespeare 4.1.77). Shakespeare puts a comedic twist on the power of “love at first sight,” relating Titania’s bout with Bottom ending as quick as it begun. Often people believe they found their true love only to discover that person is not what’s best for them. Likewise, when Lysander falls victim to the same potion, he declares: “Not Hermia, but Helena I love. Who will not change a raven for a dove?” (2.2.120). Lysander’s fatuation suddenly switches from Hermia to Helena, with his reason being that she’s better looking. Shakespeare is hinting at the fact that people are always chasing the latest and the greatest, be it goods to accessories to love partners, so when someone seemingly better comes around, people often leave whom they previously loved without warning. Additionally, when Demetrius falls under the spell, he denounces his love for Hermia, for now he loves Helena. He claims, “If e’er I loved her, all that love is gone” (3.2.173). Demetrius completely changes his stance on who he loves, and assures Helena he is hers. Shakespeare creates a picture of how people who are quick to love sound in a new relationship, and depicts how fragile their relationship is. Thus, throughout the play and through numerous examples,
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