Examples Of Media Bias

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Why So Biased? The media overtime, ever since the beginning of news reporting on campaigns and elections, has become biased. With journalists having an unshakeable opinion of a specific person leads to them writing biased articles or papers. Many readers believe certain news outlets are too biased and refuse to even read articles that come from that station or watch a certain news channel, this leads to many believing that the readers are biased and not the journalists. However, this is not the case. Looking at many journalists it is incredibly clear that they try and persuade their readers against one candidate and towards another. Through the development of new ways to spread news, such as television, weblogs and news stations, the media has become biased and tries to persuade readers against certain candidates and towards another. Many argue that the media does its job when it comes to representing both sides when reporting on elections and campaigns. They …show more content…

Spayd is concerned with the Times` future on whether it will become a liberal paper or continue to tell readers it is. According to her article the Times has received many complaints about obvious bias in their reporting and how they are losing readers because of this and it happens so often the Times is no longer affected by the frequent complaints and continues writing in their own way. Spayd asked Dean Baquet, the executive editor, about the perception of liberal bias that hangs over his newsroom but he does want The Times’s reach to be wide. “We have to be really careful that people feel like they can see themselves in The New York Times,” he said. “I want us to be perceived as fair and honest to the world, not just a segment of it. It’s a really difficult goal. Do we pull it off all the time? No.” Spayd makes a good point in her article when she says to imagine a country where the most powerful newsroom in the free world was voice that has taken a side, or has that already

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