Examples Of Mood In The Most Dangerous Game

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Richard Connell uses mood and tone in "The most Dangerous game" to convey the theme of hunting which makes people better prepared for life. When people hunt for the first time there surprised on much they know about hunting and how good they are at doing it. How ever in the book the General hunts humans and kills them for fun he thinks it makes a great game. Richard Connell wrote the book "The most dangerous game". Rainsford falls off his boat and finds himself playing this game of survival for his life and for a way home if he wins the game he can go home and he gets to sleep in generals bed it's the ultimate game of survival.

In the first half of the book the mood is sad and scared and the reasons for these moods are because it's sad to kill a animal and the animals have no Idea that it's coming and scared because rainsford gets to this island and the guy already knows who he is because a book he wrote about jaguars. He talks to his
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The story ends with rainsford jumping off a cliff and swims back and goes into the general's room and when the General walks in rainsford comes out from behinds the window and the General says congratulations you've won't the game. Hunting does make people prepared for life because if he didn't know how to hunt and the secrets with hunting he would be dead. The mood is sad and scared in the beginning because he falls off the ship and no ones around him then this random General has a castle and knows rainsford because of a book he wrote. Even tho he didn't want to play the games he played because he wanted to leave the island and get home the reason that this is unique because we all don't want to do things but in the end it's worth because you get rewarded. Hunting can bring out a lot in a person if they're not afraid to pull the
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