Examples Of Observation On Preschool Observation

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For my observations for this class I was given the option of which grade levels that I wanted to observe in. I choose to spend the majority of the time in Kindergarten and preschool class rooms with the exception of one that I did in a Special Education class room that had all ages in one room. The reason that I did this was simple, in the future my goal is to teach in preschool or kindergarten. I have always wanted to work with the little ones that were just starting out in their education journey and the joy they have as they master the simple things such as finally learning all their alphabet or the very first time that they read a book. That joy is so wonderful to see and to get the opportunity to not only be there to cheer them on, but to be the one sitting there that taught them those skills that they need for the rest of their lives to succeed. I spent the majority of the hours in Kindergarten, I observed different classes of children and also different activities and different teachers with the same kids. I wanted to see how different the kids acted from their original teacher, to how they responded with the music, art and gym teachers. Would they listen to all of them as well? Follow teachers directions like they do in the classroom doing their reading groups, math lessons or even regular class work like calendar time. What I found was the kids acted different depending on where they were and who was in charge. They realized they could get
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