Examples Of Pathos In Boys And Girls

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“Boys and Girls” is the fifteenth episode of the second season of television series The Office. The film was written by B. J. Novak, and directed by Dennie Gordon. This television series illustrates everyday life in the office of a fictional paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In this episode, Michael Scott becomes very irritated when being told that he can’t listen in on the women’s seminar, so he decides to hold a men’s seminar in the warehouse. Michael follows through with seminar which then backfires as the warehouse workers’ grasp a hold of what they believe to be inequality, and decide to form a union. Of course, Jan shuts it down by citing a liquidation of the branch if it were to unionize. Michael’s argument about having a men’s seminar worked, however almost caused a union and termination of jobs. This film uses pathos, ethos, and logos to persuade their argument in separate ways. To begin, pathos means to persuade an audience by appealing to their emotions. This episode uses pathos by starting off with Michael discussing to the camera why he is now banned from his own conference room. He goes on by stating, “It’s just not fair, and they only talk about clothes and myself.” Predicting that they aren’t going to get anything work related topics done. Shortly after, Dwight suggests on how bad of an idea it is for all the women to be in one room. He further explains, “They will all start to get on the same ‘cycle’, and wreak havoc on our plumbing.”

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