Examples Of Predetermines

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Some people claim we have the authority to designate what events happen in our lives. Some say our surrounding environment and genes influence our future events. Our laws, genes, and science in general disprove the first claim and prove the latter one. Our lives and the events that happen to us are inevitable, and determined by science. (external forces) The story of Adam and Eve is an exceptional example of how our lives are predetermined. In the story, God told Adam to not eat from the forbidden tree, or his predetermined fate would be death, and it can be inferenced that he would also go to hell. In addition, the serpent deceived Eve into eating from said tree by saying “Ye shall surely not die…” (Text 2, lines 38-39). Now there are two polar opposite views on destiny from God and the serpent, both of which are trying to determine Adam and Eve’s future. The serpent being more convincing will force Eve into eating from the tree. This is one example of how our lives are predetermined. Another example of predetermines is shown in the reading “Do We Have Free Will? Is Free Choice Real, or is it Just an Illusion?” Our genes determine how we respond, or make ‘choices’. This is proved in the quote “… that girls with a specific oxycontin …show more content…

However, they are wrong because our circumstances dictate our actions., and free will is just an illusion we like to believe in. This is exemplified in “Free Will” by John Perry, when he states “But that thought was just an illusion. No finite moral can do something that God already knows he won’t do. You created Adam with the sense of freedom, but not the reality of freedom” (Text 4, paragraph 5). Because of how our actions will have repercussions that we usually don’t have a say in, free will is an illusion because nobody in the right mind would want to face said repercussions. This is why opponents for free will are

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