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Tisya Shah Realistic Fiction Friends or Fame The shimmering sunlight lies on the dusty dirt road. Colorful leaves fall from oak trees as a crisp breeze passes by. I had to win today, no matter what happened. It is 7:30 in the morning and time for the Texas Marathon. I tie my purple laces and jog through the forest until I find my two friends, Maddie and Mackenzie. “Ready for the race,” I call out. “Of course we’re ready,” Mackenzie calls out. We ran following the dirt path with arrows leading up to the start line. Our shoes rustle through the colorful leaves as our brown hair sway in the breeze. In the distance I see two big flags and the start line. Once we got there, we nervously stretch in the green grass. I just need to stay focused.…show more content…
The sun beats down on us making it hotter and hotter by the minute, but I don’t give up. Furthermore, I drank a sip of water while checking my dull blue watch for the time. I am doing great and I just need to keep going. Soon, I pass another turn where tall trees stood in my presence. The shade cools me down as I continued running. I all of a sudden I feel the temperature dropping. Looking up at the sky, I see cumulonimbus clouds pass by as the sun was slowly disappearing. The puffy cotton balls are darkening the sky, as it started to drizzle. It has been just a light drizzle, I thought to myself, no harm to me. The water droplets hit my red, sweaty face, refreshing me by the minute. I run by a board that said mile 13, I was halfway there. Once, I pass the thirteen mile mark the light drizzle turned into a rain shower. Dark brown mud quickly covers the once dirt path. As I run through the path my shoes sank into the mud, leaving imprints of my shoe which soon disappear with all the rain. I look down a blue shoe that is now brown and soggy. I felt the dirty, muddy water, climbing up my shoe by the second and every time I step in the mud it splashes on my shirt as well as my shorts. Running this race got really hard and I was falling behind. All of a sudden a shot a lightning flashes through the sky and thunder as loud as an explosion follows. The harsh wind blew me from left to right pushing me through the path. I had no idea on how I was going to finish this race. I pushed my 16 year old body to keep going. The race operators couldn’t stop the race right now because I was only a mile away from the finish line and plus there were too many people in the race. The thunderstorm just got worse. Twigs and leaves started to fall everywhere covering the path. The lifeless twigs fall to the ground, creating various obstacles for the runners to pass through. I keep running,
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