Examples Of Sexual Repression In Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

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Sexual repression in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Sexual repression is a psychological disorder where people cannot admit their sexuality to others because they feel ashamed about it. Suppressing these intense feelings can lead to emotional stress. Some will even feel the need to abuse substances as a coping mechanism. The consequences of repressed sexuality are explored in the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, where author Tennessee Williams looks at homosexuality and alcoholism, two issues he faced during his lifetime. Williams is able to express himself through the play’s protagonist, Brick, who struggles with these very same things. In the play however, Williams goes a step further by looking at how repressed sexuality not only affects the individual, …show more content…

Brick has difficulty accepting the fact that he might be gay and, as such, does not open up about his feelings. This constant repression leads to a poor relationship between him and his wife that lasts throughout the play. Brick’s repression causes Maggie to feel confined, although she does not seem to know why at first. In one scene in the play, Maggie tries to get Brick to talk about the memory of his friend, Skipper, but he just replies by pouring himself a drink. She clearly tries to facilitate Brick’s opening up to her about his feelings but he simply turns to alcohol as the constant cure to his problems. Brick, as well as many repressed homosexuals, suffer from alcoholism as a consequence to repression (Sutton). Maggie does not approach Brick’s sexuality in a sympathetic way. She says, in reference to Skipper, “You two had something that had to be kept on ice, yes, incorruptible, yes!” (Williams 44). Maggie explains to Brick which indicates that she knew the true nature of Brick and Skipper’s relationship and how Skipper’s memory will always be everlasting. She does not sympathize with him and reminds him that it should be “kept on ice”, encouraging him to keep his feelings

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