Examples Of Stress In The Movie

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Another theory that we have chosen is pressure and stress management. Stress is a normal part of our life. Stress trigger when people have the opportunity and desire to achieve their goals. We think this theory form the backbone of the movie because the main character Carl Fredricksen keeps signing throughout the movie after his wife, Ellie died. It shows that Carl is suffering stress in his life.
In the movie, Carl’s stress comes from his personal factors and it included the family problems, economic pressure, and personality.
In the movie, Carl stress caused by his family problems. After married, Carl and Ellie build their home and plans to have a child in the future. However, after they decorated the baby room, the doctor tells Ellie she is unable to have children. They feel upset and stress because it changes their plan in …show more content…

They manage this stress by sets up a gallon jug and put in some little coins into it every day. However, uncertainty always happens in our life. The damage to the cars and house, the injury of Carl forcing them to take out the money again and again. At the end, they are unable to accomplish the trip to the legendary Paradise Fall. Carl feels stress when he is unable to accomplish the promise with Ellie. This stress still retains in his mind after many years Ellie dies.
One of the factors that influence stress is a person’s basic character, mood, and perception. After Ellie dies, Carl turns into a loner, holds out against the world, keeps his home as a remembrance, converses with the missing Ellie. Carl becomes depressed, anxious, and hot-tempered. For example, when a worker accidentally damaged his mailbox, he is angry and hits the worker without listening to the plead and explain. Carl’s feel stress after he hits the worker as he ran quickly into his house and close all the doors and curtains to avoid the gaze of the

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