A Synopsis of the Movie Down in the Delta

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Down in the Delta: Family Theory Approaches

Kate Reaka
SW7213 CS
Family Theory Observation Paper
Fall 2012

Through assessment of the overall themes, trends, and patterns of the nuclear and extended family, the Sinclair family has been through many conflicts and stresses, and each family member has fought hard to maintain and keep the family connected together, despite long distances, separation, addiction, developmental delays, aging, and many more stressors. Though there are many theoretical approaches to take with the Sinclair family at any given point in “Down in the Delta”, including Family Development Theory, Family Systems Theory, Family Crisis/Stress, or Social Exchange Theory. This paper will focus on Structural
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As if his stress was not enough, he was given the challenge of Loretta and her children to help get them on their feet. He copes with his stress by his gentle teaching, telling stories his family can be connected to, and hope that his influence and desire for the family to remain strong rubs off on his nuclear and extended family.
Understanding the needs and gaps in the resources the individuals and the Sinclair family as a whole, will help engage and direct this family towards individual and group empowerment. For example, validating and pointing out Loretta 's feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness after leaving a job interview where she was rejected and humiliated for not understanding basic math. Bringing empathy, and asking her why she feels her life has grown so complicated. She has experienced versions of this rejection for years, and booze or reefer at least offers a brief oblivion.
As a therapist, I would have taken the same approach and reframe that the housekeeper took when she asks, “What do you think Tracy sees when she looks at you? She sees you as a mother” (Angelou, 1998). It is so important to speak truth and identity into a client who can only see themselves as a screw up, addict, or other label. Part of Structural FunctionalismTheory
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