Examples Of Subjective Ethics

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I have decided to examine question 13: Ethics isn’t as subjective as many people think. For example, is it obviously right to kill one person if that would safe the life of 1,000,000 innocent people. Discuss. I choose this question because I thought it was the most interesting question among them all. Ethics is such a fascinating topic to discuss.
This paper will examine and discuss the statement ‘ethics isn’t as subjective as many people think’. It will do so by investigating different arguments and how the arguments are built. The arguments will concern whether it is ethically correct to kill one person if it would save 1,000,000 innocent people. Furthermore, this paper will discuss and argue the different kinds of ethics. This
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For example, looking at the trolley-dilemma in the lecture ‘Justice’ by Michael Sandel, you have to push the fat guy to save the other five exposed people. If the fat guy was your brother or another important person in your life, you would never push him. Also subjectively looking at this dilemma you would probably never push another person into his or her death. This is the subjectivity of ethics. Your feelings are deciding for you whether one act or another is right or wrong. But an important fact is to remember that everybody has different values across borders, cultures, religions etc.
To state another example of subjective ethics we can, again, look at the Mary and Jodie dilemma. The parents are definitely acting subjectively to the dilemma. They don’t want the surgery because they are unable to kill one of there own children, also they are religious and it is against their religion to go through with the surgery.
Arguments for Ethics as
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We make personal choices based on the people involved or at risk. Sometimes ethics is objective as well. If we were to take a choice about killing one and safe 1,000,000 people we would look objectively at the problem and choose the logical approach instead of thinking about what is principally right to do. Because looking if we looked at the issue deontological then we would never kill one, because of the law, and the law always says that you can not kill anyone. Sometimes it is just necessary to ignore the law and killed the one threatening the society, definitely, when it comes to
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