Reflective Essay On Ethics

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Ethical and unethical situations occur on a daily basis and are seen all around us. Being ethical requires one to take responsibility for their actions and doing what is right in any given circumstance. Every person has the power to dictate their actions on how they are going to handle any situation they are put in. I have experienced numerous amounts of situations that have tested my ethical behavior and actions. Throughout my experiences, I have realized that ethics has a great impact on many different aspects of life such as society, career, and personal life. Understanding the meaning of ethics allows me to grow as a person and to truly do what is right with any issue I am faced with.

Every action and decision one makes is derived from ethics. In my opinion, ethics is about doing the right thing no matter the situation. Ethics has a lot to do with one’s personal values and it is important due to the fact that it influences the way a person governs their life. I believe being ethical has a lot to do with the way one was brought up and the values that were instilled into them from a young age. My ethical views originated from my upbringing and the lessons my parents taught me. My parents are big believers of always doing the right thing and that mindset got passed onto me. My ethical values shape who I am as a person and impacts the way I go about life. Ethics is extremely important to me because I want to be the best version of myself and with that entails

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