Examples Of Symbolic Interactionism In Sociology

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“Everything happens for a reason” is an age-old saying, overly repeated saying in our society. Our culture immediately justifies a bad event or a negative experience by saying that there was an underlying force that created the negative experience. Say if a younger sibling was cyber-bullied online, many older siblings and parents immediately question why this is happening to their sibling or child. It’s a normal, human reaction, but it goes much deeper as well. Everyone reacts differently to issues in society. So, to understand these different approaches to issues, we have to look at different theoretical perspectives in sociology.

First is the theoretical perspective of symbolic interactionism. It was first introduced by philosopher George Herbert Mead at the University of Chicago. He theorized that all interactions between humans are based on the symbols of appropriate behavior we learn while growing up. This micro level perspective mainly focuses on society as an ongoing and ever-changing process. As humans, we always end up changing and shaping ourselves to fit the acceptable behavior of society. However, cyber-bullying is not an acceptable behavior in society, so why does it still happen? Symbolic interactionism also looks at how certain individuals were raised in society. If an individual had a different upbringing, it can change their outlook on certain issues. However, from a symbolic interactionalism perspective, it’s difficult to place people in groups and

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