Examples Of Transcendence Of Identification

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stages. Identification with the physical body, the manas (mind) and the senses is the grossest type of identification and hence rather easy to transcend. Buddhi, being the subtlest evolute, involves maximum effort and sadhana in the transcendence of identification with it. What is this transcendence of identification that we are talking about? How can it happen? There is no surgery yet devised for extracting out the Purusa from the Prakrtic complex. Even when death happens, the Purusa still remains bound with the sukshma sharira till it takes birth again. There is only one way of transcendence of identification while being alive and that is to become aware. Awareness is in a way weaning away a part of the consciousness which then acts as the witness of the body and mind. With this awareness happening, identification of the total consciousness with the evolutes is reduced. Now the witness or the sakshi is able to watch the Prakrtic complex ‘performing’ in life. This awareness in pratiprasava starts with at the …show more content…

When Purusa gets the discriminative knowledge, it becomes aloof of all the actions going around and views it as a spectator (drsta). Though Purusa is pure consciousness when it meets prakriti, it loses its pure consciousness and starts behaving like unconscious. Same as a lion cub in heard of sheep behaves as a lamb of sheep. This bondage is due to lack of proper knowledge or ignorance.
Pratiprasav is liberation whereby it is re-established in its pure state. The ideal is kaivalya or aloofness from Prakrti and all its transformational changes. It is called Aparvarga, for the self in that state escapes from the realm of the suffering, pain & misery. The self has neither pain nor pleasure, neither will nor desire in that condition. It is also without knowledge for it has no buddhi. The direct cause of such aloofness is viveka or discriminating knowledge, which eliminates the sources of

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