Examples Of Unsportsmanlike Behavior In Sports

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“Nearly any behavioral or ethical problems that arise during competition fall into the category of unsportsmanlike behavior (Brown, 2003, p.311);” Brown illustrates clearly that in sports and competition, coaches make a choice to behave in a certain manner. What Mr. Patino did falls under the category of unsportsmanlike behavior through his verbal abuse of the athletes he coaches. Mr. Patino is a coach; as a result, he has to demonstrate sportsmanship by teaching and coaching his players to make the correct behavioral choices.
The athletic director’s position is to continually demonstrate sportsmanship by his or her daily actions and interactions. One way to do this is to be more visible during competitions, come out and
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The coach needs to be a leader and demonstrate his leadership during every practice and every game. The responsibility of the coach in this case is to accept that he was wrong, apologize, and seek restitution. Mr. Patino has lost his credibility as a coach, diminished his capacity to respect players, and shattered his image as a responsible citizen. To rectify such a situation will be very difficult. Although there is no way to condone his actions, the athletic director, in this case, must also shoulder some of this…show more content…
237); unsportsmanlike behavior is rooted in the attitudes of people. As coaches, a tremendous gift is to build positive attitudes with the young athletes we see on a daily basis. How can positive attitudes be built when the coaches already lack the desired leadership qualities, ethics, and attitudes? Mr. Patino has set a dangerous precedent for many coaches, which they can learn from. The actions of Mr. Patino damaged his credibility and the credibility of the school district and the athletic personnel
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