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Operation Hawaii:
Yamamoto had plans on neutralizing and sinking the U.S. Fleet in Hawaii Waters, this would allow japan the time to consolidate its empire. The war would begin with a massive blow against the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Americans were unaware of the plan and they see the Japanese to be inferior to them and unsuited as soldiers and aviators.
On November 26, 1941, 6:00 am, the task force sailed to pearl harbor, staying undetected. There was no sun, moon nor stars so the weather was in their favor until the morning they launched their attack, which made navigation difficult. On December 2, they received the message, giving them authorization to attack their prey. By that time the Japanese government was convinced that war was …show more content…

On April 22, Mac Arthur surprised the Japanese by attacking hollandia and taking the village of Aitape. Nearly all-Japanese air power was destroyed and their eighteenth army was forced to retreat into the jungle.

Battle for the Island of Biak ( May 27 1944 – July 29 1944 )

This battle was a turning point in Japanese military Strategy. The Japanese practice is to meet the invaders beachhead, and if unsuccessful, they proceed to launch suicidal Banzai charges at the enemy’s position in an attempt to drive them back to sea. The Americans started producing new planes; one of them was the Hellcat, which was one of the strongest planes made. The development of a new aircraft was not limited to fighters alone, there were other aircraft manufactured like the B – 29 which was the largest plane ever built. For self defense the plane was armed with a .50 caliber machine gun and a 20mm cannon. During 1943 Admiral Nimitz was prepared to take the next step in his planned recon quest of the islands leading to Japan, The first of these landings, called, Operation Galvanic, which was to take place in the Gilbert Island Chain, a former, New Zealand colony. The islands of Betio and Makin were designated as necessary to control the Gilberts, which stood directly athwart the American supplyroute to Australia. Galvanic was to be the first of the navy’s central pacific drives but the Japanese had begun reinforcement of the islands long before the

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