Examples of Mythology Tales That Shape the Past and the Present

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The shock slowly wore off as the horror set in. Despite their sacrifices, despite their reverence, they had not succeeded. The supreme beings in the sky had attempted to annihilate the people that worshipped them. Regardless of their religion, regardless of their beliefs, regardless of their devotion, societies credit natural disasters to the anger of a God or gods. Life through the ages has been deeply influenced by Greek mythology, Roman mythology, and even religion today. Few survivors return to the town, their population decimated at war. Never again would they anger Ares. The poor girl, cursed forever simply for offending Aphrodite. The stories appear in nearly every decade. Mythological beings are often blamed for the downfalls of mortals. A human king locks away his daughter in fear of a potential son. However, when he frees her, he finds her holding an infant boy, supposedly a godling. The daughter is expelled from the kingdom in which she grows up, sent to die on a small raft in the ocean. The horrible king is shocked when the young girl survives. As it always does, the prophecy he fears comes true, “She led him to one of the stone figures. A bearded old man wearing a crown. ‘Who is that?’ ‘Your grandfather, Acrisius…” (Evslin 132). A young woman declares herself to be more beautiful than Aphrodite. Enraged, the goddess curses the queen, forcing her to fall in love with her husband’s prize bull. The queen blames the entire ordeal on the goddess of love, “He had no
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