Excerpt Vs Ezekiel

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Ezekiel gave advice and ministered to the Jews at the end of the Babylonian conquest, during the first year of the Babylon exile. The prophet ministered, in Babylon, whereas, Ezekiel dealt with the people’s sinful behavior in Judah, which led to their downfall of Jerusalem(Ezekiel 33), consequently,the prophet dealt with their problem of adapting into a foreign nation. The prophet Ezekiel and king Jehoiachin, and the elite were taken into exile in 598 BC. The prophet was called to be God’s watchman, thus Ezekiel’s gift of visions allowed, the young prophet to see the purpose of God’s attribute. Devries stated, “that the devastation of the city and the Temple is that the issue is not placing the Israel, but building a covenant relationship” …show more content…

God came with peace and good news, to Israel, saying “I will cleanse you from your sins, I will bring people into your cities and the ruins will be rebuilt” (Ezekiel, 36:33 NIV). Ezekiel’s oracles of spirituality, thus Israel was spiritual dead with no hope of vitality ( Ezekiel 37:5 NIV). Yet, God will restore life back into those dead bones, if Israel would turn from their sinful ways (Ezekiel 37:14). In chapter 40 of Ezekiel, God showed, the prophet a vision of God’s dwelling place, of those who are faithful thus, they will live with the Lord forever (NIV). Yahweh carried, out judgment on Jerusalem by the Babylonians (Hays, 2010). The “oracles against the nation” in (Ezekiel 28:17) This oracles were against king Tyre, whom were destroyed, the king’s content were evil, whereas it represent the same pattern as Satan. (Hays, 2010). Thus, God delivered, Egypt to Himself ,although Jerusalem were destroyed, God gave hope of restoring His people, the city was renamed,because of Yahweh’s present remain in the city. God will restore life back in the city if His people would repent of their sins, He will judge those who will not repent and save those who would repent (Ezekiel 33:11-21; 24:21; 33:22). God will Shepherd His flock

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