Excess Fluid Problem: Medical Case Study of Mr P

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Case Study #2 Mr. P’s problem is excess fluid volume; he needs to remain free of edema, moist crackles throughout lung fields, and labored breathing as soon as possible. Mr. P should be assessed for abnormal heart and lung sounds as well as blood pressure and pulse. He will also need to be given oxygen. There must be close monitoring of his intake as well as output noting signs showing decreasing urine output in relation to overload. It is important to measure these trends because Mr. P has fluid volume overload (Ackley et al., 2008). In addition, there will be provision of a restricted diet as appropriate. It is critical for Mr. P to excrete excess fluid as much as possible; therefore sodium restriction in the diet will be beneficial. Treatment Plan The following treatment is able to reduce shortness of breath, and swelling of tissue, while enhancing Mr. P’s energy level, ability to exercise, as well as feeling of well-being. In addition he must avoid smoking as this narrows blood vessels and alcohol as this depresses the pumping function of the heart. •Daily weight: Mr. P’s Weight need to be monitored every morning at the same time on the same scale. He should not gain 2 pounds or more overnight or 5 pounds in a week. •Diet: it is recommended that Mr. P gets proper diet and modified daily activities. Sodium (salt) must be limited in his diet because this will make the body hold fluid (de Lorgeril, Salen, & Defaye, 2005). The excess fluid makes the heart work harder to
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