Excessive Overfishing

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Water is without a doubt the most important matter on the planet. Earth is more than seventy percent water, and it is hard to believe that the Earth would exist without all of that water. Being the most important matter on the planet, it should be protected. Over the past years, oceans are increasingly dying out across the world. The main reason this is happening is due to us, the human race. Life inside the ocean is being drastically harmed by our tendencies to litter, pollute, contaminate and even fish. Fish are extremely important to the sea, and without them our oceans would be dying out even faster. Fish breathe in the oxygen in the water, and let out carbon dioxide allowing them to survive under water along with helping corals and many other sea creatures as well. A huge issue going on across the world are the number of corals that are dying. Coral depend on fish to help them survive, and the main reason they are dying is because the fish are dying. Fish across the world are increasingly being wiped out, and soon enough there will be no fish left at all. The main reason these fish are being wiped out, is because of our fishing habits. Across the globe we are fishing at a more than efficient rate, and it seems as if there is never enough fish to have stored up. Excessive overfishing is one of the many …show more content…

They have the ability to breathe in all oxygen and release carbon dioxide which a lot of sea creatures can then live off of. Fish have many roles in the ocean, either they are prey or predators. A lot of the time fish are prey, but there are so many species of fish that a lot of species can grow to massive sizes and be predators. Most of the time fish are prey to humans, and there is nothing they can do about it. Marine scientists now believe that overfishing is the biggest threat to the ocean environment, even greater than that of other human caused disruptions like increasing pollution. (Jordan,

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